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FineTech® is Greener Thinking

Engineering for today’s world. And tomorrow’s

We live with the fact that we can’t live without water. Another fact: less than 1% of the world’s water supply is fresh, and much of that is being compromised by overutilization, contamination and climatic influences. At FineTech, everything we do reflects our sense of responsibility to the industries, communities and people we serve. Our water purification solutions are cleaner, greener and more responsive to environmental priorities. FineTech systems purify water for biopharmaceutical firms that keep people healthy, for oil and gas producers that keep people moving, for defense services that keep people safe, for municipal utilities that keep people supplied, for food and beverage companies that keep people nourished. As we work with those who make life better, we work in ways that preserve and enhance the environment. Purifying water can be energy intensive, but our systems are highly energy efficient. Our technologies reduce the need for cleaning chemicals and consumable supplies. When we purify raw feed-water, we recover as much of our input as possible, minimizing discharge and reducing the water footprint. There’s only one Earth and our engineers, like our clients, are committed to sustaining the water that sustains life. From a lifesaving drug to a tank full of gas to a cold refreshing drink, we’re part of the processes that make good things happen for people and for the environment.