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Supply of pure water is essential in any working laboratory for most routine and analytical works. Traditionally glass distillation technology is mostly used for production of distilled water in laboratories which is energy intensive and requires plenty of water for condensation. Moreover, volatile impurities can be carried over into the distillate and therefore double distillation is usually required for maximum purity.

Therefore, keeping in view of current energy crisis in Pakistan, FineTech Water Treatment has developed a cost-effective, energy efficient and water saving LabPure Water Purification System for making of pure to ultra-pure water.

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Advantages of LabPure System

  • Produces pure water on demand by efficient RO and DI technologies
  • Simple, cost effective and continuous operation and maintenance
  • Nice Compact design, requires little space, easy front door access with quick connect cartridges
  • Real time display of flow rate and totalization of volume
  • Display of pressure of tap water in RO membrane
  • Auto shut-off when product water is full in pressurized storage tank.
  • Low power consumption, equal to energy consumed in an average energy saver.
  • Environment friendly, pollution free, safe and reliable
  • UV for enhanced bacteria protection. (Optional)

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LabPure Water Purification Systems are used in a wide market range, and play a major role in many laboratory tests and applications. The following are just a few of the markets that require consistent pure water for their applications:

  • Analytical Research Laboratories
  • Life Science Laboratories
  • Clinical Testing Laboratories
  • Bio-Medical Laboratories
  • Drug Screening Laboratories
  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Industry
  • Chemical Production
  • in any other industry that requires pure water


Industrial Water Purification Systems of 200, 500 & 1000 Liters Per Hour Also Available