Industrial Reverse Osmosis Plant

We are a reputed manufacturer and supplier of Reverse Osmosis Plants that are known for their exceptional performance. Easy to install, the RO plants effectively remove impurities from water. Our RO plants are known in the entire market for their hassle-free functioning and simple operations. Robust in construction, our RO plants find application in both commercial and residential sectors. We offer our RO plants in varied specifications and at comparatively low prices.

Commercial Reverse Osmosis Plant

FineTech offers complete Range of Commercial Reverse Osmosis Units Premium Series for Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants having a very Large Range and capacitities. FineTech offers the State-of-the-Art Packaged Reverse Osmosis Systems complete with Pre & Post Treatment equipments offering Very Pure Water from Brackish water.

Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plant

Keeping the growing health concerns because of the contaminated water, ‘FineTech Water Treatment has developed an advanced Domestic RO Plant. The Domestic RO Water Plant, is equipped with latest technology and world class spares which treat water and makes it drinkable. The unbeatable features like auto-shut off button and five stage filtration process of our plant has made us one of the apex Domestic Reverse Osmosis Plant providers, based in Pakistan.

Mineral Water for Industry - CoMPEI

Working efficiency and performance of employees of an organization are directly linked with their occupational health which in turn greatly relates to the quality of water they ingest for drinking. Organizations those are providing safe drinking water facilities to their employees are indirectly benefiting with excellent output and enhanced efficiency.

Laboratory Water Purification System LabPure™

Water is the most commonly used solvent in laboratories and constitutes often more than 99% of the mass of solutions used in experimentations. The quality of water used in the lab is therefore critical for the success of the tests performed. 
  • Get rid of sand, suspend matters, colloid, organic matters, residual chlorine, bacteria and other harmful substances in tap water.
  • Special membrane production technique to ensure large water flow rate

Containerized Ultra Filtration Plant

We offer small and medium size Containerized Reverse Osmosis and Ultra Filtration Plants enclosed in transportable containers. Container can be kept in 'Lock and Key' to avoid tampering by unauthorized persons. These Containerized RO & UF Plants can be transported from one place to another, in case permanent establishment is not possible.

About FineTech

FineTech Water Treatment Technologies operates in water treatment sector with dedication, professionalism and spirit of innovation, employing technologies those are environmental friendly and ultra safe for operators. Our team consists of highly qualified & experienced water professionals including scientists, engineers and trained manpower in the relevant fields. The company provides a wide range of custom-built solutions to combat water quality problems for industrial, commercial, municipal / governmental & residential water supplies.
At FineTech, we have Industrial and Domestic RO Plants, Membrane and Ultra Filtration Systems, the blend of which provides fresh and GERM free supplied of water.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide safe & effective water treatment, that protects water quality, supplements our country's most valuable resource, and meets WHO standards at the most competitive prices by applying a wide range of technologies to meet the needs of each water treatment application in the industrial & social sectors.

A Clear Vision:

To provide the best support for our clients, FineTech as a company must first have a clear understanding of our own direction.

Our Vision Is

To be the Pakistan's leading provider of state of the art solutions in water purification. We will maintain strategic advantage by providing the broadest base of technologies combined with a best value offer of products and services to the industries we serve. Through pervasive quality and continuous improvement, we will add value to the lives of our clients, shareholders, employees and our community.


FineTech is committed to meet or exceed its clients’ expectations by:
  • Continuous improvement with a focus on processes such as...
  • Superior product quality
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Flawless execution and start-up