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Cost-Effective Mineral-Water Production for Employees in the Industry


Working efficiency and performance of employees of an organization are directly linked with their occupational health which in turn greatly relates to the quality of water they ingest for drinking. Organizations those are providing safe drinking water facilities to their employees are indirectly benefiting with excellent output and enhanced efficiency. Mineral water is one of the healthiest types of drinking water and its consumption improves overall health and helps boost the immune system. Moreover added minerals supplement the therapeutic values and bring out the sweet taste of purity.


Safe drinking water is a precondition for health and development. According to World Health Organization (WHO),
  • More than 80% of diseases in the world are attributed to unsafe drinking water
  • 40% of deaths in the world are caused by water-borne diseases
  • More than 97% of these deaths result in developing countries like Pakistan
Metallic contaminants and microbial pollution are few of the serious water quality concerns. Unsafe water used for drinking may cause severe illnesses like,
  • Kidney and Liver damages  + Bacterial & Viral Infections
  • Disorders of Digestive System + Gastrointestinal Diseases 
  • Cancer + Dysentery
  • Skin Ailments + Teeth Ailments
  • Blood Pressure + Heart Diseases
  • Bone Problems + Hepatitis A & E 
  • Hypertension + Arthritis and Fluorosis
  • Acidity + Cholera
  • Diarrhea + Typhoid Fever and so on.......


Water quality is often a much lower national priority especially the case in Pakistan. The population is compelled to use polluted surface water from rivers, irrigation canals, ponds, lakes and ditches which must be treated prior to consumption. Therefore, use of contaminated water in rural and urban areas of Pakistan results in large number of diseases and mortality while the government is not seriously planning to address water quality and management issues due to resource constraints.


The provision of unsafe drinking water in the industry is one of the most important factors affecting the health of the employees. However, most of the industrial organizations give less importance to this matter and consider it a minor issue. Although this challenge may easily be tackled and success can be achieved by giving institutional will, sufficient planning and adequate financial and technical resources. 
Fortunately awareness level in the organizations about water quality is now increasing. Currently most of the organizations purchase costly bottled water for their executive staff whereas workers usually have less privilege to share this facility.
Industry has sufficient resources and may easily install and manage their own mineral water production facility which is cost-effective and sustainable. Benefits of having access to safe drinking water will thus be shared by each and every employee who will improve their health, control diseases and hence increase work efficiency and organization would be the ultimate beneficiary.


According to UNO, it has been estimated that for each dollar invested in improving water and sanitation, a return of 3-34 dollars is expected. The economic benefits of improving the drinking water quality for industrial workers include;
  • reduced health care costs,
  • value of days gained from reduced illness,
  • prevention from deaths,
  • time savings spend on getting safe water from nearness,
  • contributes to workers well-being and alleviate poverty
This would result not only in improvement in the health of workers but also their work efficiency; as healthy people are the most productive economically.


FineTech has a team of highly qualified water professionals having vast practical experience of handling water quality projects in the public, private and industrial sectors and are involved in strengthening the role of industry in ensuring the portability and safety of drinking water. 
FineTech ensures the highest standards of water quality to Industrial Organizations to keep their workers healthy and productive.

Are you ready to BOOST your organization/industry?

If yes us, our water quality experts will visit your organization & will submit a proposal as per your needs in view of the strength of employees, raw water quality and quantity, existing water treatment facility (if any available) or for the provision  of a new Reverse Osmosis System.
After implementing the suggestions and recommendations of our water quality experts, your organization will be able to produce your own mineral water for your employees only in Rs. 0.20 to Rs. 0.60 per liter. It would benefit your organization in the following respect;
  • Cost-effective on-site production of standard quality mineral water
  • Put an end to the purchase of costly mineral water
  • Self control over supply, quality and quantity of drinking water
  • Helps in obtaining ISO certifications
  • Improved health of the employees
  • Enhanced work efficiency of employees
  • Reduced expenditures on health care
  • Increased respect for rendering services for the  employees
  • Families of employees may get benefit of this facility as well