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For Balancing RO Water for Drinking

Finemin™ contains food grade basic salts, enriched with essential metal ions required for healthy life and brings out the sweet taste of purity.

Instruction for use of FineMin™

  1. Fill polyethylene food grade white tank with RO water up to the mark already mentioned on the tank.
  2. Readily dissolve one Finemin™ mineral packet completely with little RO water in a clean container e.g. jug, bottle etc.
  3. Now pour it into the tank. In case, if residues are left, rinse container with little RO water so that all minerals are transferred into tank.
  4. For complete mixing of minerals, recirculate RO water through motor in tank for about 5-10 minutes.
  5. Note TDS and pH of water and take sample in a 1.5 L bottle and store it.
  6. Now mineral water of desired quality and taste is ready for drinking.


  1. Store under lock and key in dry places. Avoid from direct sun light and moisture.
  2. Always handle with care and strictly follow instructions for use.
  3. Only trained and authorized person should be allowed to carry out operation.
  4. Don’t ingest minerals orally; as these are only used for balancing of RO water to produce mineral water for drinking.
  5. Formulations are prepared as per specific water quality needs of users; therefore, use of this product is limited for each user.

 Note: FineTech is not responsible, in any case, for mishandling and misuse of mineral packets.

For any suggestion/complain feel free to contact us.